Visiting Dignitaries

Commited to bring in the best educational practices in the area of learning, teaching, assessment and training. LWES has support of highly accomplished educationalists worldwide. We are supported by our "critical friends" to always redefine and improve our practices.


Ms. Hillary Dumphy
Program leader for MA and postgraduate professional development.

Bob Shipman
Senior Lecturer in Science, Newman University College.

Bob Treadwell
Senior Lecturer in Fine Arts and Teacher Education.

Parminder Assi
Senior Lecturer Education and professional studies, Barmingham educational support service.

Partho Sanyal
Chairman Auroveds. Educational Consultant for Integrated Teaching Learning.

Shrikumar M
Senior Consultant, Quality Management Systems, LWES Schools wolverhampton university, England (U.K)
LWES believes that scholastic and co-scholastic are equally valueable for attaining life skills. Our team is supported by acclaimed professionals and experts from areas of art, music, theater, puppetry, story-telling abd dances.