Chairperson's Message

I have always believed that, “Education is not preparation for life; Education is life itself.” Education is the     most noble and powerful way of empowering an individual. Good education is the greatest gift we can give   to our future generations, and a school is not only the fulcrum of education but it is a temple where pure     minds get knowledge and wisdom to usher in a better tomorrow. A school thus, has to be a compassionate     community imparting not just knowledge but giving children a strong foundation; which keeps them     grounded to values and gives them the courage to conquer the world. Every child is God’s precious gift to     mankind and it is the school that has the utmost responsibility for the tutelage of innocent minds, to shape     them to strive for excellence which is the only mantra for success and building a strong character.

 We wish to develop a school which nurtures ‘compassionate’ learners. A school where your child will find   challenging opportunities, where every child acquires skills and wisdom; a school which knows that healthy competition starts with improving oneself, building and honing one’s capabilities; a school which offers a broad and challenging curriculum to stimulate the various faculties of human mind and gives an atmosphere that encourages innovation. We realise the importance of inculcating leadership qualities, ethics and a spirit of teamwork. Most importantly a school has to forge a constructive partnership with parents to make a child realise his/her true potential ,transforming him to be an “Excelsior” one who is enriched physically, mentally and spiritually.

We at Cambridge Nakodar believe that every child is bestowed with special talents, and our pedagogic systems will be an integral whole not just limiting to academics but providing opportunities for a child to fulfil all his aspirations, with great emphasis on sports, music, creative arts, adventure, soft skills and a wide array of co-curricular activities.

The management and teachers have a common vision to follow our rich didactical traditions of "Guru-Shishya parampara" and adopting the best international practices to embolden our student morally and expanding their horizons to be a global citizen, one who is filled with benevolence and has the skill set to excel and break stereotypes, to achieve astounding success that is not just personally fulfilling but also contributes to the well being of the nation and society at large.

Our association with Learning Wings Education Systems which is running successful Cambridge Schools is because of their holistic vision and the trust of parents and more than ten thousand students which they have garnered over the past decade with their zealous efforts in the field of education. With this association we become much more enriched and strengthened in our resolve to provide world class education to our students.

I Welcome you to Cambridge International School, Nakodar and assure a Learning Journey for students that will pave the way for a wholesome personality and bright future.


R.R. Angra

Cambridge International school,