All Cambridge International Schools have qualified and committed faculty. In fact, most   recruited  staff have had exposure to international educational systems in india and abroad. They  are trained in the activity-based learning and teaching method. In addition, lesson planning,  classroom performance and contribution to co-curricular activities are  under constant supervision of the principals of each school, who believe that the quality   of  teaching and learning must be of  the highest order-day-by-day, hour-by-hour, lesson-by-lesson.

Faculty at Cambridge

The school are also committed to staff development through a wide range of on-going in-service programmes and workshops, which cover not only academics and pedagogy but also areas such as psychological counseling, personality development and career counseling. The staff and student ratio is 1:30. Hence each child receives individual attention and feels comfortable to approach teachers for help in and out of classrooms.

Staff Recruitment

Setting a high standard for our students means setting a high standard for the teachers we recruit. Cambridge International Schools recruit highly qualified teachers with experience. We encourage our teachers to believe in innovative way of teaching and learning.

Sr.No. Name of the Teacher F/M Designation Qualification
01 Mrs.Sandhya Dewan F Principal B.Ed/M.Ed
02 Mrs.Arshdeep Ghuman F Headmistress M.Com/N.T.T
03 Mrs.Renuka Suri Coordinator M.Sc /B.Ed
04 Mrs.Priya Manocha F Coordinator M.A(Eng)B.Ed
05 Mrs.Meenakshi Nayyar F Supervisior M.A (Punjabi)/B.Ed
06 Mrs.Komal Arora F H.O.D M.A/B.Ed/CTET
07 Ms.Meenu Nayyar F Librarian  M.A Pol Sci MLIS 
08 Ms.Deepika Bhardwaj F Music Teacher M.A(Music)
09 Mrs.Seema Rani F Teacher M.A(Hindi)/B.Ed
10 Ms.Meena Rai F H.O.D M.Com
11 Mrs.Bhawna Bhandari F Teacher B.A/B.Ed/N.T.T
12 Mrs.Saruchi Verma F Coordinator M.Sc/B.Ed/N.T.T
13 Ms.Neha Punj F Teacher M.A(Eng)/N.T.T
14 Ms. Ruchi Kaur Minhas F Teacher M.Sc/N.T.T
15 Ms.Kirti F Teacher N.T.T
16 Ms.Rekha Sharma F Teacher B.Com/N.T.T
17 Ms.Neha Nagpal F Teacher M.C.A/N.T.T
18 Ms.Bhavjeet kaur F Teacher M.A/N.T.T
19 Ms.Ravina  F Teacher B.Com/N.T.T
20 Ms.Rajneesh Kumari F Teacher M.A/Mphill/B.Ed/CTET
21 Ms.Nidhi Sharma F Teacher M.Com/B.Ed
22 Ms.Rajni Mahajan  F Teacher M.A/B.Ed
23 Ms.Shifali F Teacher M.Com/B.Ed
24 Ms.Amarpreet kaur F Teacher B.Sc,MBA/B.ed
25 Ms.Aarti Sharma F Teacher M.A/N.T.T
26 Ms.Muskaan Sharma F Teacher M.Com/B.Ed
27 Ms.Ashima  F Teacher M.Com/B.Ed
28 Ms.Rajwinder Kaur F Teacher M.A/B.Ed
29 Ms.Satinder Kaur F Teacher M.A/B.Ed
30 Mr.Tarlochan Singh M H.O.D M.Sc(IT) 
31 Mr.Davinder Singh M H.O.D Art&Craft
32 Mr.Rajesh Sharma M H.O.D D.P.E.D
33 Ms.Gurinderjit kaur F Teacher B.Ped/M.Ped
34 Mr.Pawan kumar M Teacher B.Ped
35 Ms.Babita F Teacher Art&Craft
36 Ms.Amrita F Teacher  Commerce
37 Mr.Gurpreet Singh M Teacher M.A Physics/B.Ed
38 Ms.Manmeet Kaur F Teacher M.A Chem /B.Ed
39 Ms.Harman F Teacher B.Tech
40 Ms.Millli F Teacher M.A (Eng)/B.Ed
41 Ms.Punam  F Teacher M.A(Eng0/B.Ed
42 Ms.Shivani Mahajan F Teacher M.Sc (Maths)/B.Ed
43 Ms.Darshveer Kaur F Teacher M.A/B.Ed
44 Ms.Gurjit Kaur F Teacher M.Sc/B.Ed
45 Ms.Honey  F Teacher M.Sc/B.Ed
46 Ms.Neha Sharma F Teacher M.A /B.Ed
47 Ms.Rashmi  F Teacher Pshycology
48 Ms.Ratima F Teacher M.A/B.ED/N.T.T
49 Ms.Sakshi F Teacher M.SC/N.TT
50 Ms.Sargam Gupta F Teacher M.com/B.Ed
51 Ms.Sandeep Sharma F Teacher M.A/B.Ed
52 Ms.Shikha Mohan F Teacher M.Sc
53 Ms. Shruti F Teacher M.com
54 Ms. Vishali  F Teacher M.A/B.Ed
55 Ms.Sonika F Teacher M.Sc Bio/B.ed
56 Ms.Gagandeep Kaur F Teacher Msc(Maths) /B.Ed
57 Mr.Avani Sharma M Teacher   Judo Coach
58 Ms.Nancy Sharma F Teacher Judo coach
59 Mr. Balwant Singh M Teacher Skates Coach