Fit India


Dear Parent 
Fitness of your child has always been our topmost priority whether it’s mental or physical. Taking forward the ‘Fit India Movement’ started by our honours Prime Minister, we are going to celebrate ‘Fit India School Week’ in which not only children but parents can also participate . This activity will be done in 3rd and 4th week in November. Following is the list of the activities in which children can participate. Digital Certificate will be provided by C.B.S.E to all the participants.

1.skipping rope


3.warm up exercise 

4.Jumping jacks

6.Shutter running 

7. Skating

8.poster making

.Hum fit toh india fit 
.No pain no gain
.the pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow 
.Hit hai fit hai


Kindly participate in any of the above activity in proper shoes ,lower T shirt. Send your pictures,videos while doing activity.

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